David R. Gardy

TVWorldwide.com, Inc.,is a Delaware Chapter S Corporation, founded in 1999 to serve the Internet’s evolving streaming video and multi-media market and build a network of community-based interactive internet TV channels, initially concentrating on the business-to-business market. Mr. David R. Gardy, founder, Chairman and CEO of the company is a recognized business leader in the professional television and video production, webcasting and Internet video streaming industries. Mr. Gardy was the principal founder, Chairman and president of Gardy McGrath International, which grew from a two-person basement video production company in 1985, to become one of the nation’s largest full service television and video production facilities today with over 60 full-time professionals on staff. In 1996, the company envisioned the potential markets for video content production for the World Wide Web and started TV onthe WEBsm, a wholly-owned division dedicated topursuing business models for video distribution over the Internet.

What the Founder Pioneered

Beginning in 1996, TV onthe WEBsm successfully brought to market services that included the following:

the capability to produce, host, compress and stream archived video for customer web sites worldwide;
the ability to produce and broadcast live video events through streaming webcasts over the internet for customers known as "TV onthe WEBsm LIVE" (over 300 webcasts produced), and most importantly,
the establishment of the first television network on the web, through the development of video-driven, community-based interactive "channels". TV onthe WEBsm was funded by channel "underwriters" to build and maintain the infrastructure for development of these channels. These underwriters served as partners who possessed untapped but potential revenue-generating assets including content, membership databases, sanctioned events, e-commerce products, collateral publishing properties, market reputation, etc. TV onthe WEBsm worked to build each channel to serve each underwriter’s niche arena in an effort to share with the underwriter, the generation of revenue streams from the target demographic "narrowcast" audiences who make up these loyal and expanding interactive television communities. Backed by the in-house production capability of Gardy McGrath, and through an exclusive strategic alliance with first tier network provider PSINet, Inc., TV onthe WEBsm successfully deployed its web service expertise to launch over twenty revenue-generating channels, each deriving income from a combination of advertising, pay-per-view, e-commerce, live event production, post-production and subscription business.
In January of 1999 TV onthe WEBsm received a first round strategic investment from Ampex Corporation that resulted in a valuation of $20 million and allowed for the buy out of Gardy McGrath as a wholly-owned subsidiary of TV onthe WEBsm. In May of 1999, Ampex later exercised an option to provide additional funding to obtain majority control of TV onthe WEBsm to facilitate the integration of TV onthe WEBsm into Ampex’s new iNEXTV Internet video venture. Mr. Gardy subsequently left TV onthe WEBsm in late 1999 to pursue the new venture, TVWorldwide.com, Inc.