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"NNI Retrospective Video: Creating a national initiative"
(March 2022)

NNI Retrospective Video: Creating a National Initiative (Trailer 3 min.)

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Nanotechnology is a megatrend in science and technology at the beginning of the 21 Century. The National Nanotechnology Initiative (NNI) has played a key role in advancing the field after it was announced by President Clinton in January 2000. Neil Lane was Presidential Science Advisor. Mike Roco proposed the initiative at the White House in March 1999 on behalf of the Interagency Working Group on Nanotechnology and was named the founding Chair of NSET to implement NNI beginning with Oct. 2000. NSF led the preparation of this initiative together with other agencies including NIH, DoD, DOE, NASA, and EPA. Jim Murday was named the first Director of NNCO to support NSET. The scientific and societal success of NNI has been recognized in the professional communities, National Academies, PCAST, and Congress. Nanoscale science, engineering and technology are strongly connected and briefly called nanotechnology.

This brief retrospective video is made for the 20th NNI grantees conference at NSF. It is focused on creating and implementing NNI, by using interviews. The interviews will focus on three questions on: (a) Motivation and how NNI started; (b) The process and reason for the success in creating NNI; (c) Outcomes of NNI after 20 years, and how the initial vision has been realized.

Selected references at the beginning of NNI:

  • The first report formulating the motivation and vision of NNI, which was adopted as an official White House/National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) document, and then used as key report for advancing NNI support at OMB and Congress:
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  • The first National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) memo on the creation of NSET and NNCO:
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Selected references at ~ 10 years of NNI:

  • Retrospective and outlook of nanotechnology after one decade of NNI:
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Selected references at ~ 18-20 years of NNI:

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