Drug Free Communities 2019

NOTE:  While your responses to the Project Narrative section must be in Times New Roman 12-point font, be aware that you may use Times New Roman 10-point font for the tables in the Action Plan.

DFC Application Attachments

  • Attachments for the FY 2019 DFC FOA

This video will walk you through the Attachments one-by-one and explain what you need to provide for each one. Many of the Attachments serve as your evidence of compliance with the DFC Statutory Eligibility Requirements, so failure to provide what is requested can deem your application ineligible for review. Click on the video above for information on the 13 required Attachments for the FY 2018 DFC Funding Opportunity Announcement.

Helen Hernandez, Assistant Director, Drug-Free Communities Support Program (DFC), Office of Drug-Free Communities, White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP)
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Programmatic Questions: [email protected]

Budgetary/Fiscal Questions: Ms. Odessa Crocker [email protected]

Registration Process Questions: DUNS: 7-866-705-5711 SAM: 1-866-606-8220 Grants.gov: 1-800-518-4726 eRA: 1-866-504-9552

SAMHSA Resources:
SAMHSA Website
SAMHSA 2019 FOA Applicant Webinar Presentation